8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can u plzz suggest sm foods tht i can have as im not feeling like eating anything

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Answer: Hello dear,I understand your situation as I myself has gone through all that..I used to be in soups throughout my first trimester..occasionally used to have it with while wheat toast ..rice used to give me vomiting so used to have roti mostly...daal I couldn't take and used to have some fries along with it ..try to find out what makes you feel better..lemon water ,is good option too..hope it feel better
Answer: Soups, salads, fresh fruit juice and cut fruits with corn flakes, oats porridge and museli are few healthy options for you to get back your appetite and also get sufficient nutrients without eating heavy meals...hope this helps you dear..
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Question: I am having headache. Not feeling like eating anything
Answer: Hi, darling to a headache during pregnancy might feel uncomfortable so you can follow these tips.Sitting and laying down properly is very important. Get plenty of rest and relaxation.Exercise if ur doctor suggest u .Do it under someone supervision .Eat well-balanced meals.avoid junk foods as they can give headache specially chinese.Apply cold or heat packs to your head.If you have a sinus headache, apply a warm compress around your eyes and nose.If you have a tension headache, apply a cold compress or ice pack at the base of your neck Maintain your blood sugar by eating smaller, more frequent meals . this may also help prevent future headaches. massaging your shoulders and neck is an effective way to relieve pain.Rest in a dark room and practice deep breathing.Take a warm shower or bath
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Question: Im 6th week of pregnant im not feeling like eating anything n also feels sleepy too...
Answer: Same situation for mine also,,, ,maybe its very common dea,,,,,
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Question: not feeling like eating anything due to nausea suggest foods to est
Answer: yes it happens during noz same what the situation with me but I used to eat elite in those days so you can try fruits especially citrus fruits such as orange ,mosambi Malta , I like the banana a lot during my nausea period so you can also try banana. Focus on light meals such as a khichdi oats Daliya. but if you don't feel like eating even these foods and then focus on liquid food such as a coconut water fruit juices and smoothies.
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