14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can strone 200 be used instead of gestofert SR 200

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Answer: Hi dear your doctor will be the better person to help you with the information and you should definitely ask your doctor before changing any medicine stopping and starting it because all medication has reason to be prescribed.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can susten sr 200 can be used during second trimester of pregnancy?
Answer: Hi, dear susten is a pregnancy hormone which will helps support pregnancy and avoid any complications in pregnancy. So it's safe to have it and take it regularly as suggested by doctor..
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Question: How to used strone 200
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy if strone 200 is been suggested by doctor then you can take it. If it's vagina insertion then you can take it that way. But discuss to doctor 1st.
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Question: Can I take strone 200 tablet
Answer: Hi dear, this is a hormonal medicine to protect your pregnancy. If you have weak pregnancy then doctor generally suggest this medicine it is absolutely safe if prescribed by doctor. Take care.
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