19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can standing for 1 n 1.5hrs at a stretch sometimes while travelling affect the growth of the baby?

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Answer: Its not good ..talk with doctor
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    Isha K797 days ago

    I will ask. Thank you

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Question: During travelling in bus the best position is sitting on a seat or standing on the floor of the bus
Answer: Hello dear, standing for long hours will make your legs nymp and swell more as the blood flow to the lower part of the body will less. Compared to this you can adapt for sitting as it will be comfortable for you and to your baby. Keep your leg elavated at certain height dont keep that down fod more hours it may also cause numbness.Take more water and avoid eating oily and fried food items during travel. I
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Question: Can standing for 1-1.5hrs at a stretch sometimes while travelling affect the growth of the baby?
Answer: hello dear , standing for more than one hour at a stretch will not affect your baby's growth but It will effect your health. It can lead severe lower back pain, heel pain as well as swelling feet. I will suggest you to try to sit after 20 to 25 minutes. all the best dear.
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Question: Thanks for response. Does anger and crying at sometimes affect the baby growth.please respond
Answer: Hi dear, Anger is an outcome of stress .Everyone wants to be stress free but too difficult to just ignore it.it is also not possible to simply avoid it.but one can develop the skills to handle it.exercise is one such way to handle stress.it infact releases stress.the happy hormones are produced in mind after you workout.so donot miss your morning walks in early morning sun.eat healthy.junk food could increase your stress levels. Avoid any kind of argument unnecessary.try to walk out of heated arguments. Read a good book,meet your loved on s often,watch your favourite TV comedy.sing song,dance it out.do something that makes you happy.do something that brings smile to someone else's face.stress management is a process that won't come in just single day.you need to practice everyday.do deep breathing every day,walk bare foot on soft green grasses.all such minute things would definitely help you in long run. Crying is not bad always.infact it is a natural stress buster.in pregnancy,women undergo lot of physical and emotional changes.due to which it is quite easy for women to get stressed and have emotional outbursts like crying.once you cry,you would feel light too.but keeping the stress on for long time is not good for you and your baby.try to keep calm and maintain peace with yourself.taje a good morning walk in light sunshine.breathe fresh air.eat good food ,talk to your loved ones ,watch your favourite comedy channel and read a good novel.be happy and cherish your pregnancy.
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