4 months old baby

Question: Can someone please help me... I m in real pain of breast engorgement.. No milk is coming while pumping.. When expressed at first few seconds the milk comes and then it comes as drops.... Doctor gave painkiller... But no relief... Suffering from extreme pain and engorgement from last 18 hours... Have tried everything like warm compress etc.. Plz suggest something... I m in so much pain and also very much worried about any further infection

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Question: Please anybody suggest me thing... Suffering from severe breast engorgement.... Doctor gave painkiller... No milk is coming on pumping.. When expressed by hand a little bit of milk comes and then starts coming in drops only.... Plz suggest something... M in roo much of pain
Answer: Try to eat more garlic, bread, rusk soaked with milk, Britannia milk biscuits, you will get More milk.
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Question: Im 38 weeks and have an inner ear infection. My doctor prescribed amoxicilin and so far Ive only taken one. Im i excrutiating pain. This is my third pregnancy and have never experienced this much pain. Any suggestions...??? Ive tried oil, garlic oil, warm compress, hard boiled egg, and ear drops. Doctor said it was an inner ear inflimation so thats why im on antibiotics. Im desperate for some pain relief... please help. Also I hope this wont effect the baby... can it?
Answer: Yes start enjoying the little sleep you are getting!
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Question: Does pumping help to increase milk supply. Also if we have less milk in the initial days, doe it realky get increased. I am trying every remedy to increase the supply but no benefit... Aftr one hour of pumping session m able to pump only 50ml from both the breasts. Taking shatavari jira etc. Tried all things. Please help me out
Answer: hi dear to increase your breast milk you will need to have plenty of water have at least 2 to 4 litre of water on daily basis. latching your baby as much as possible is the second best way to increase your breast milk production. with this you will have to also take proper diet so ad fruits, dry fruits green veggies, Masoor dal ,oats , daliya, sagoo in youe diet. Having methi, jeera water ia also very helpful.
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Question: I do breastfeeding... From his birth itself i have suffered from breast engorgement... He is 4months old now... I felt ok before 4months... But now one of breat got so much of pain and engorgement takes place quickly... So that i got pain and always it is full .. and in other breast its normal sometimes and it is also full at sometimes... what to do? Recently My baby hasn't suck well from normal breast and i gave milk to him from engorged brest ... Give some advice... it gives much pain when i pumping. ..why one breast is like that...
Answer: Hi dear, See that you feed your baby good on both the breasts. Sometimes you may see excess milk due to production or if baby does not take proper. Extra milk can be pumped out. Try warm bath or keep warm towel on your breast it can help to reduce your pain. Massage your breasts gently while feeding to help the milk drain effectively.
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