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Question: Can someone help me with your answer? I'm 6 weeks pregnant, I went out for some purchase for about half and hour, I was walking very slow and carefully. I started feeling tired and I started to have mild cramping in stomach and backpain.. is this normal? After home I rested for sometime and seems ok. Why would this happen? Is walking and standing for long should be avoided? Plz suggest

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Answer: Its normal to feel tired during pregnancy. You can walk and do little chores but don't do very hectic works.
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Question: I am having mild tingling sensation in my tongue everyday since 3days...it lasts for an hour or 2...why is this happening...it seems someone hs rubbed mint on my tongue...pls if anyone hasthis experience
Answer: Hi dear fortunately I have not experienced anything sensation on my tongue during my pregnancy however what I can tell you that there are many experiences that you might be having for the first time during pregnancy because there are many changes that happens in your body due to lot of human activities and your body also changes to accustom with the new system and to accommodate the foetus in the body so if you are having this kind of an experience please don't worry this is not going to harm your baby in any way or not going to affect your pregnancy in anyway.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi we are planning for baby. And I have some symptoms since last week like lite headache every morning, backpain and leg pain. And mild pain in breasts..am I pregnant...can I travel long ?? During this time
Answer: hi dear if you are feeling so many symptoms of pregnancy then definitely you should go for a beta HCG test to confirm whether you are pregnant or not and if you are pregnant then travelling is fine or not can be decided only after your visit to doctor and only your doctor can give permission about the same so a first confirm the pregnancy and then choose a good doctor for yourself. Advance congratulations from me.
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Question: Is mild lower abdominal pain normal in the 5th week of pregnancy.. I was walking for some 20 mins and became tired due to this mild cramp like pain
Answer: Hi ,mild cramps in abdomen is common during the pregnancy. It happens mainly due to the stretching of the muscles and ligaments which is mainly due to the expanding uterus. Sleep on sides, drink plenty of water and go for brisk walk.
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