8 months old baby

Question: Can somebody please post the procedure with ingredients n quantity to make hime made cerelac...i had read it and saved it but somehow not able to search it now.. thanks in advance

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Question: Mam please post this as anonymous.. 16 months old daughter suffering from severe constipation.. tried milk of magnesia syrup n suppositors.. with dr. Suggestion.. but it works only 2 days after same condition.. now dr. Prescribed for thyroid test. * Constipation problem started when I start a solid food for her.. but now it becomes very severe.. please suggest me.. guide me thanks in advance
Answer: My daughter also suffered the same... Give her lots of water, apple juice it helps
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Question: Hi! I am trying to conceive but still I was not able to make it. What will I do? Thanks!
Answer: There are many factors for getting conceived. if you are having regular cycle then there will not be much issue. Have intercourse from 8th day of your periods and have ic on alternative days till 20th day. Suppose if you have irregular cycle Just note down the ovulation days using ovulation kit or symptoms like egg white discharge or sharp pain on one side.. have rich nutrients food like dry fruits , fruits , green leaf and sea food. Also have follic acid tablet. Also ask your husband to follow same diet. More than everything peace of mind is important for conceiving. Please be relaxed. All the best
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Question: Hi. I was flying in Air India with my 1yr baby. They survived some baby food and my daughter loved it. Now I am trying to search its recipe but not able to. Some ingredients which I could make out was cheeses, potato and i think rice and moong dal. If anyone can help me please.
Answer: You can watch YouTube channel for recipe tips. You can find baby recipes at "Amma Samayal" YouTube channel
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