16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can it safe to ride scooty in 2 nd trimerstar for going to office?

2 Answers
Answer: Dear, If you don't have any serious medical complications like low lying placenta issue then you can drive, for more safety better to ask your gynoclosit at once. Avoid jerky and bumpy road.
Answer: No avoid it.. cab is better option
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Question: I go by scooty to office .it is 4km from my house.is it ok to ride scooty in early pregnancy.
Answer: Hi dear generally Scooty is not a comfortable way to travel but if u r riding only till 1st trimester then it's fine as well make sure road is not bumpy. Plz avoid riding after 1 st trimester as ur body gravity will change and can make u imbalance.
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Question: I have to go office daily in a scooty..it take about one and half hour..is it safe to ride scooty??
Answer: Hi dear, Riding two wheeler in pregnancy is always risky.bumpy roads could make you imbalanced and accidental fall can hurt you and your baby.to be on safer side I would advice you to avoid it.
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Question: Am five weeks pregnant, in this stage, can I ride Scooty for going to office
Answer: Hi! Its fine to ride a scooty with Dr.s permission and with 100% alertness. Becareful of the bumpy roads. Good luck!
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