2 months old baby

Question: Can i used baby soother

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Answer: It is better to not use baby soother as it can itself be a source of infection
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Question: Can i use soother to my 77 days old baby
Answer: Please aviod soother for baby. It can cause ear infection, yeast infection in the mouth and intestional infections
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Question: My baby is using soother ; how can i control him
Answer: Hi dear as per ur profile it is showing yr baby is now 14 month. So u can frist switch ur baby soother habit to fruit feeder so that baby can learn to have fruits and then u can try to make baby habit of eating finger foods like carrot french fries. These are a good and healthy way to switch ur baby habit. U can stop immediately but slowly gradually reduce the time of baby of taking soother and then u can gradually stop giving.
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Question: Can i use soother for baby
Answer: Hi dear If your baby ua one month old dn you can give her pacifiers or soother But properly sterilize it before giving it to baby And only for one moth After one month again buy a new soother
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