15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i use thrombophob ointment on injection site?

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Question: After 14weeks vaccine , baby's leg is swollen and it's become hard in injected area , can we use thrombophob ointment
Answer: Hii dear, its bit common after vaccine. Don't use any ointments or anything rub the injected area with ice (coil it in a clenlan cotton cloth) swelling and pain reduces..
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Question: Can I apply thrombophob on my baby after vaccine
Answer: Yes dear...if u see that baby vaccination area has become hard then u can apply thrombophob...it is a good medicine to remove lump from that area
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Question: I applied thrombophob ointment on swelling area of injection but i feel like it became Little Red around the massaged area I'm worried y it is??
Answer: No it's normal..Even I too had this experience...It looks red for some time..U just apply warm water..It will b better
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