7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i use ghee i am 7 week pregnant

2 Answers
Answer: Yes you can use fresh homemade ghee if it is possible. It helps reliving constipation and improves the digestion. also helps in baby's brain development
Answer: Off course you can. But limit it in your first trimester because it leads to weight put on and excess of fat can cause problem at the time of delivery.
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Question: I am 13 week pregnant...can i take ghee ??
Answer: Hello dear. It is good to eat ghee during pregnancy as it nurtures the body , treats digestive issues. Ghee can be mixed with milk and taken as well. Ghee aids in weight loss, it can increase appetite. So you can take ghee during pregnancy. Take care.
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Question: I am 7 week pregnent . Can you tell me how much desi ghee should i intake ?
Answer: Hi, you can take ghee in whatever food you cook. Aporix 1-2 teaspoon in a day.
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Question: Am 7 week prgnent... can i use ghee
Answer: Sudh ghee is the best food.. once should eat in pregnancy...
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