6 months old baby

Question: Can i use banjaras aloe vera skin moisturizing gel for my 6months old baby...?

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Question: Can we use aloe vera gel in skin during pregnancy??
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,you can use aloe Vera gel.it is natural and safest during pregnancy.natural moisurerizer ,aloe Vera gel also brings glow to face and quite soothing too.
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Question: Can I use patanjali aloe vera gel over my belly for itching??
Answer: When this occurs, collagen fibers grow in place, causing reddish and/or purplish marksthat fade over time. Because these marks canmar the appearance of your skin, you may turn to remedies like aloe vera gel. The likelihood this gel will work for your stretch marks is low, however.
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Question: Hi can I apply Aloe Vera gel on baby skin is it fine?
Answer: Babies skin is very sensitive and first you need to check whether alovera suits the baby or not. And however you should not apply anything to baby skin other than baby products. So avoid using it..
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