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Question: Can i take urine home pregnancy test two weeks after ovulation

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Answer: No.. If your period is missed aait for a week and then perform the test. use early morning urine sample for accurate result.
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Question: What are possible pregnancy symptoms two weeks after ovulation
Answer: hi dear, few mothers experience different symptoms in early pregnancy but some doesn't experience any symptoms throughout the pregnancy. If you r doesn't experience any symptoms it's not mean that you are not pregnant. Surprisingly few pregnancy symptoms are common with menstruation symptoms. the symptoms are headache, mild pelvic cramps , vomiting ,nausea, breast pain or breast tenderness etc. so it is best to wait for your missed period and then take a pregnancy test to confirm .
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Question: 9days after implantation bleeding but negative home urine pregnancy test
Answer: Did you do the test properly. How are you so sure that the bleeding was post implantation
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Question: How soon after missed period can i take home pregnancy test by preganews? Plz reply ..
Answer: Wait at least for 1 week to get the accurate results.
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