29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i take folik acid and iron supplements together?

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Answer: Yes dear, follic acid and iron supplements can be taken together.
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Question: Is it important to take iron and folic acid supplements?can I increase the iron and folic acid levels without medications?
Answer: It is important for all women to take prenatal supplements for the growth and development of your baby's brain/nervous system.U may even have food rich in iron and folic acid along with the supplements to get better results.They include-Avocado, broccoli, green beans, cabbage,spinach,fenugreek, carrots, yoghurt, cheese, dry fruits, peanut, butter, sunflower , pumpkin seeds,beans, breads, cereals, rice, strawberry, papaya, banana,dates. Have a lot of vitamin c rich food for complete absorption of iron-oranges,tomatoes,lemon.Avoid tea and coffee as they inhibit absorption of iron.
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Question: Can I take ... Iron and calcium supplements
Answer: Hi dear, ya you can take. After delivery you should take 6 months iron and calcium tablets.
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Question: Can i take iron and folic acid tablets together?
Answer: Take folic acid tablet in the morning and iron tablet at night.
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