17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i take benadryl cough syrup for sore throat as I'm in my second trimester?

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Answer: hi dear , having benadryl is ok during pregnancy as per prescribed dosage however i would suggest that try some natural remedies first like warm water intake or even gargle .. little honey with warm water also soothes your throat . natural remedies work better and are always safer than any form of medicine
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    Shruthi Pari888 days ago

    Thank you so much

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Question: I am 17weeks pregnant. Can i take Benadryl cough syrup as i am having a bad cough.
Answer: Hello! Dont worry..your baby is well protected by amniotic fluid but you shouldnt take any kind of medicine or syrup without consulting to your doctor..you can try these remedies to get relief.. *steam is very effective in clearing mucus caused because of cold. You may a take steam directly from a pot of boiling water, or you may use a humidifier.  *Take a small piece of ginger, crush or grate it and boil it is water and add lemon and honey to it. *Take a glass of warm water and add half a teaspoon of salt to it. You may gargle with this solution to get relief from a sore throat
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Question: Can i take benadryl for cough
Answer: Hello mam As your pregnant don't take any medication according to your knowledge, consult doctor before that and take proper suggestions You can try some home remedies for cough like gargling salt water, avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water, drink warm fluids which may give soothing effect, take soups like tomato,chicken, Avoid cold liquids at this time for betterment
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Question: I am a feeding mother of 18 days old baby having severe cough with sore throat can i take benadryl cough syrup....is it safe for my baby?
Answer: No benadryl syrup is not giving him and i suggest aap doctor ko bina consult kre koi medicine apni taraf se mat dijiye new born baby h plz care him
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