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Question: Can i take aswagamdha tablet while trying to gonceive

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Answer: No dear. It shoupd be avoided. As it doesn't support pregnancy and hence if you conceive in between it may cause miscarriage. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can i take asprin tablet while bf
Answer: No u can't take any tablet unless ur doctor says so dont take any medicines on ur own. Cos it will affect ur baby as ur breastfeeding. If u have any problem go for some home remedies or go meet ur doctor
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Question: Can I take sinarest tablet while breastfeeding
Answer: Dear Sinarest is safe to use if prescribed by doctor and the dosage should also be strictly as prescribed by doctor. Because prolonged or wrong dosage can cause sleeplessness in baby and more..
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Question: Can i take aswagandha tablet while trying to conceive?
Answer: Hello dear. It is good to be avoided even while trying to conceive as it doesn't support pregnancy. So please do not take it if you wish to conceive. Hope it helps.
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