1 months old baby

Question: Can i start using fan for my baby. .she is one month old...wil she suffer from cold....coz wen i on d fan...she started sneezing...

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Answer: Hi.. The best remedy for an infant is, applying baby vicks vapour rub on your baby's back, chest and feet. Make the toddler wear a comfortable pair of socks after applying vicks. Repeat this twice or thrice in a day. You will definitely see the difference. Also, for running nose use saline water (nasoclear), it is easily available in any medical store. In case you find no difference in twenty four hours, then see a pediatrician. Please do not use adult vicks vapour rub.
Answer: U can but in starting use only less speed later u increase speed
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Question: It is 8th month for my baby....but still teething not started wen wil it start....
Answer: Teething is a natural process and you can not control when it happens . Generally it starts at around 6 months but it can be as early as 3 months or as late as 14 months.
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Question: Hello my baby is 7 month 19 days he's not yet started crawling from wen he wil start to crawl..
Answer: Hi! Please don't worry if your 7 and half month old baby has not started crawling yet your baby would definitely started within a few weeks time because usually 7 to 10 months is the time between which the baby starts crawling .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 4 month old she was suffer from cold and rashes what i do
Answer: Hello dear Usually when a baby affected by cold,mucus will be sent out either by vomit or motions,it is normal,remedies for cough and cold in infants Breast milk is a natural source of antioxidants,it alone can do wonders in reducing cough of babies , so breast feed as you can. Apply Vick's in a betel leaf and keep it under lamp for two min,then massage baby's chest with that leaf,it will cure cold and cough a lot. You can dry roast a tbsp of ajwan ,till it's aroma comes,make a potli,use this as a compress , effective in reducing cold and cough. Rash is common among babies which is caused by virus, fungi or bacteria, Or it may be allergic. These rashes can result in itches, patches, red bumps or crests all over body. Remedies for rashes: The child should be made to wear loose clothes and kept in cool conditions; this will curb the rash in 30 minutes or so.
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Question: hello! my baby is one year old and she is suffer from cold and cough last one week..his cold and cough after one month...what can I do for relive. .I am worry
Answer: hi for cold and cough you should try with home remedies which will help usually cold and cough takes a longer time to settle because the baby is immunity is less it takes longer time however you can try his home remedies you should give steamalation to the baby you should also roast some ajwain and tie it in the clean cloth and make the potli and book impression on the baby's test you should warm the mustard oil and garlic pods to it till it turns brown make sure it does not gets burnt then massage with this on the babies chest back and feet just before sleeping this one also help allowed in congestion you can give your baby Ginger Honey paste one teaspoon this will also help
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