7 months old baby

Question: Can i start solids 3 times a day ? If yes pls suggest me what can b in the morning, afternoon and night?

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Answer: Hi. A 7 month old need solids 2 times a day. Hi. Once baby is 7 month old you can experiment with food now . Always make sure you have introduced a food item singly before adding it to a combination of foods. This way you can keep track of any allergies / reactions etc. At 7 months, you can introduce the below foods Fruits: Chikku, Papaya Apple, peach, banana, muskmelon, plums Vegetables : beetroot, tomato, bottle gourd, beans, peas,carrot, Cereals: rice, ragi, duji, sabudana Dairy: cheese, ghee , butter. Egg For 7 month baby, you can offer one meal and a snack for a day. Rest should be breastfeeding or formula milk . Chose the timings for meal and snack according to your baby's preference., but avoid giving any solids after 7 pm.
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Question: Hi my baby is 5month 5days old can i start solids if yes how many times a day and what quntaty and what i can start with..
Answer: U can start with one spoon of daal ka pani nd anar juice.. But start only with one or two spoon
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Question: In a day at which time can we give apple at morning or afternoon or night ???
Answer: hello.. dear apple or any fruit should be given in the morning only avoid giving in afternoon and night..
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Question: Does water give to 7 month baby along with solids.? If yes how many times in a day can give water?
Answer: Yes . After every meal after starting of solids we have to give more water for baby
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