2 months old baby

Question: Can i start light zumba dance?

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Answer: hello dear , light Zumba exercise is good in pregnancy but it's better to start in second trimester. and before starting you should talk to your gynecologist about this.
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Question: i had c section 6 months ago..can i start workouts like zumba n yoga
Answer: You can start it slowly and increase it day by day don't do all at a time. Hope this will help you definitely
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Question: Hi i had C section 3 months 8 days back , Can i start zumba dance ?? wem to start exercise ??
Answer: Hi dear yes I understand ur concern. don't stress as it took u 9 months to gain this weight so will takw some time to loose till 6 Months of delivery u shouldn't do exercise but u can do brisk walk. Also u stict to breastfeeding and have 8 to 10 glasses of water as proper water intake also helps reducing weight. Take a balanced and good diet. Make sure to stay away from stress as it is common to get postpartum stress. Try to get a proper sleep of 8 to 9 hours even in small small interval. If ur delivery done 1 month back then u should wear abdominal belt to keep tummy under control.
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Question: Can i do slow zumba as i like to dance n dont like to walk at week 7?
Answer: Hi Dear! I would suggest you to take Dr. opinion before you start planning go fr Zumba classes i think you will be supervised there by your trainer, so pls take suggestion from your Dr. and if he/she permits go ahead. Good luck!
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