29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i put pillow under my legs to reduce swelling

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Answer: Yes dear..u can do it which gives you completely relief from swelling.
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Question: can i put pillow on my legs
Answer: Yes you can use pillow for your comfort . Separate your legs by placing a pillow between them or using a full length body pillow. If you normally prefer lying flat on your stomach or back sleeping on your side may not sound like a comfortable pregnancy alternative. ... Raising the upper body is a good way to avoid heartburn.
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Question: Can i put head shaper pillow under my baby head. He is 7 days old.
Answer: Hi dear. Its not safe and medically not encouraged. If you are concerned about your baby's flat head, there are other ways to shape it like turning the head while sleeping, holding with hands, massaging gently etc. Or consult a paediatrician
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Question: I can put the small pillow under the baby's head
Answer: You can use mustard pillow or baby round pillow for baby dont use other pillows for baby its not safe..
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