8 months old baby

Question: Can i mix iron and vitamin drops in milk or baby cereal as my bby doesn't like the taste andis spitting it out

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Question: My 13montn old boy doesn't like milk....can I mix something for taste
Answer: Hello Dear if yur sin is not liking plain milk then yu can add various things to it to make him drink like *Pediasure *Horlicks *Protein powder *Home made dry fruit powder *Milkshake with all the available fruits like apples, banana, chiku, custard apple, kiwi, papaya, anjeer etc *Make fruit smoothie. *Yu can also make custard n bribe him with a pop of ice cream in it. Try it dear I have been doing same thing.
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Question: My baby is spitting milk every time...when i give him vitamin D3 and iron drops
Answer: Hi don't worry as sometimes due to taste baby splits milk or medicine it is normal no need to worry about it. And dont give the drops with milk and feed the medicine with spoon as baby will be able to take medicine properly. I take care
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Question: Hi.. My baby doesn't like the taste of apple.. With what all foods can i mix the puree, so that the apple taste is not present.
Answer: u can mix with rice...u can add little jagery if ur baby likes sweet taste....see that apple is not sour in taste
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