4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i have dried dates (sukha khajoor) ?

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Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. It has natural sugars that easily break down in the body and won't spike blood sugar levels but will offer high energy, it also helps relieves constipation, and lowers your risk for gestational diabetes. However, please consume in moderation. Take care.
Answer: hi dear ,dry dates are very good for health you can soak 2-3 dates overnight and eat it next morning.
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Question: Hii.. can i eat dates (khajoor) daily? And how many
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.You can eat six to ten dates a day. Dates are very rich source of iron and very healthy food during pregnancy. They give you energy instantly. Date jam and date syrup home made can be your best partners as they can be eaten with different kinds of foods and very handy for working women. They help to increase your weight. Please go through Healofy home page for tips, diet, recipes and many more they are very helpful to us. Take care
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Question: Can i have dates(khajoor) now?? I m 14 week pregnant??
Answer: Hello Dear there is a myth that dates ya khajur are heat releasing, and its not good to have foods which release too much heat during pregnancy. Having a few may not be harmful, but do avoid too much of them. To tell yu truth i never knew dates was heat releasing. I ve been having 3-4 dates per day since my 1st trimester, though not regularly. I was adviced by many to have dates as it s good in iron. Do consult your doc, she could help you. Because My doc had suggested 3 dates a day during 2nd trimester..in fact she mentioned sugar free dates(never knw they existed). As long as u dont overdo, they're good.apart frm heat,they r also high on sugar do never over do them.
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Question: Can i hv some dried dates during my first trimester?
Answer: No dear, I won't suggest anyone to eat in their early pregnancy or if they are planning for pregnancy. ... Dates are best for Labor or in your 2nd or 3rd Trimester. So don't take now. 
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