16 months old baby

Question: Can i give strawberry to my 1.5 yr old baby??

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Answer: usually food restrictions are up to 1 year after 1 year you can slowly incorporate every foods that we usually eat to our kids . since you are going to introduce strawberries to him the first time give him only one on day 1 seeif he is ok . from next day you can start to give as juices or few fruits that he needs . introduce him to the world of nature and don't avoid any vegetables or fruits . introduce him to all the possible vegetables and fruits everyday one at a time . so he may not be choosy in eating fruits and vegetable as he grows up .
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Question: Can we give glucon d to 1.5 yr baby?
Answer: Hi dear dont give market available packaged glucon d, instead you can give him home made lemon water or water with salt and sugar or green coconut water. All these are natural and works same as glucon d does. Readymade things have chemicals and preservative which are not good for your little one, so avoid them
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Question: Can i give strawberry to my 1.5 month old baby???
Answer: Hi dear For 1.5 month old baby do not feed solid foods...just breast feed is enough till 6 months..let their digestive system get prepared..after 3 months start feeding with smashed bananas..1.5 month is cery early to feed them with such foods...take care
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Question: Can i give cowmilk to my 1 yr old baby
Answer: Hello! Yes, you can give cow milk to your baby. Make sure the milk is pasteurized. Also start with very little amount and as the baby gets used to, you can increase the milk slowly then. Take care
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