4 months old baby

Question: Can i give rice boiled water in 4 months

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Answer: Hello dear U should start giving solid food to ur baby at 6 months as ur baby's digestive system is not developed till now. He will vomit out everything whatever u will give him. So, avoid giving any solid food now.
Answer: Kindly breast feed your baby until 6 months. After that you can try the other food. I gave rice water when my first son was one year old. After six months i gave him ragi with milk.
Answer: Hello... No dear, not now solids and semi solids should be feed after six months, as of now feed breast milk alone to baby
Answer: Try applying ur breastmilk..if there is any eye infection,it ll go off.
Answer: No... Only mother's breast milk for the 1st 6months Hope this helps
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    shalini M688 days ago

    My milk is low and he feeds only for 5 mins.. even on forcefull feeding,he feefs only 5 mins..i tried formula milk too.he consumes only 30 ml ..

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    Lexie Hriatz687 days ago

    Okay then, you can try Galact which you'll have to dissolve in warm milk and drink it two times a day!. And you can include lots of green leaves veggies, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, garlic, ginger, carrots, drumstick, buffalo milk, Have a plenty of water You can have rosgula. I had all this while I'm breastfeeding, the milk flow was just great. Hope this helps.. Do let me know

Answer: Apply breastmilk on that area and see
Answer: No better u start from 5months
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Answer: Yes give lulewarm water added little salt. It's good for baby's immunity power and for growth and development. Helps to increase weight.
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Question: Can give little boiled water for 4 months baby??
Answer: No. There will be enough water in the breat milk. So no addinal water is needed. If you give water it will decrease your baby's appetite and he will not drink as much breast milk as usuall. So it is better to avoid water until he is 6 months.
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Answer: Hi dear. Please a kid giving whole egg to baby under 1 year, you can only give hard boiled egg yolk , if you want to soften it then you can add a little bit of breastmilk in it. I hope this will help.
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