7 months old baby

Question: Can i give raw banana and drumstick for my 6th month baby

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Answer: You cut the raw banana into thin pieces and keep it under sun till crispy,then powder it using grinder. From that powder you can make porridge for your baby. It's very healthy. I am giving it to my baby from 6th month.
Answer: Hello... Yes, you can give rawbanana, but feed in powdered porridge form, it is nutrious and also feed drumsticks in the form of soup so that it will be easily digestable to baby
Answer: Hello dear. Yes both can be given to baby. My daughter hated drumstick but I knew they were healthy so kept offering but for me it never worked. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can i give papa banana apple and dry fruit with milk for 6th month baby
Answer: Dont use high protein food at this age it may form gas . Fruits are good but not dry fruits yet they cant digest easily. It may form gas and tummy pain . indigestion and all. The food should be easily digestive .by that only they can be happy.
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Question: Can we give boiled banana or raw banana for 9 months old baby
Answer: Ripe banana you can give to your baby directly or can give in mashed form. But I am confused , are you asking about unriped banana. Unriped banana always should eat in well cooked form & good to add in diet if suffering from loose motion.
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Question: can I give mashed banana to 6th month old baby?
Answer: yes you can give mashed banana to your 6 month old now but start with a small amount.
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