6 months old baby

Question: Can i give ragi as babies first food?

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Answer: Hi.. Dear breast feed or formula milk still remains the prior part of your baby's diet.. Normal milk can be given after an year. However, after completion of six months you can give boiled cereal water first (dal ka pani), then semi liquid porridges (vegetable khichdi, lentil and rice porridges), boiled and mashed potatoes, bananas (mashed or in the form of smoothie). Avoid bananas during winters. If the baby is able to digest these food sources, then introduce ragi, oats, dalia.
Answer: Hello dear, yes you can give. But as raagi contain high fibres, it could cause stomach upset in baby. I will suggest you to start with food which is very low in allergens. For example, you can start with rice porridge, mashed potatoes, mash sweet potatoes, banana, avocado, boiled apple etc.
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Question: Can i give smashed boiled potato to my baby as a first food?
Answer: Suru ke 6 month aapke baby ko sirf aur sirf mother feeding chahiye. Kam se Kam 1 saal tak cow milk is not advisable for kids. Formula milk is the good option till 1 year. Uske baad aap slowly solid food introduce kara sakti hain jaise: 1. Daal ka pani 2.coconut water 3. Dahi 4. Vegetables paste 5. Boiled and mashed fruits 6. Manna ragi for bonnie babies. Ragi is really very good for the kids. readymade cerelac is not very healthy for kids. you should give only when you are somewhere outside and only in case of emergency when you cant cook. in india nestle is a popular brand You can give mashed banana but it's too sticky baby won't be able to swallow it. you can this in later stage. Hope this helps. :)
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Question: My baby is 154 days old can give ragi purge as a first food plz anw me
Answer: Hi,first food should be light and easy to digest and therefore it is preferred to give fruits mashed or fruit puree.,Dal Pani or rice Pani is also.lihjt and safe.slowly you can introduce veg clear soup or Dal soup ,than go to ragi,oats upma
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Question: Can I introduce ragi as first food to my 6 month old baby
Answer: Yes you can... I introduced my baby homemade ragi + multigrain cereal after completing 6 months ... You have to start giving water along with that... More water along with ragi helps in easy motion...
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