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Question: Can i give pacifier to my 15 days old baby

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Answer: Hi dear hi dear it is gud pacifiers for your baby . Infact pacifiers helps in reducing the risk of SIDS. but it is good to wait at least three to four weeks your baby will get nursing routine .pacifiers help your baby to fall asleep faster but starting early may disturb their feeding yes there is a chance of completely depend on The pacifier . long use of pacifiers lead to dental problems also it is good to use pacifier until the best reading is well established .
Answer: Hi dear Yeah you can give your baby pacifier at this stage as it also helps baby to feed milk and giving babies pacifier at night will help baby from SIDS...make sure pacifiers are well sterlized after every use and change it every month..
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Question: My baby is 1 month 2 days old can i give pacifier to him?
Answer: Hi Dear! I would not suggest it as i have never given to my baby for the below reasons; Pacifier is going to be coming in the way of this hand to mouth exploration, will reduce nursing since it will mask hunger cues and very difficult to wean off, requires regular sterilizing before every use. . I feel fingers are the best pacifiers as long as u keep them clean and pls let them explore more of their body its normal... Hope this helps!
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Question: can I give pacifier to my baby
Answer: I don't think it's a good idea to give pacifiers.its a habit which is hard to stop.it may cause ear infections and caries.its not good to make the baby sleep the whole night with pacifiers.pacifiers only soothens baby and it should be taken when the baby fall asleep.it can reduce breast sucking process also.some parents use pacifiers wisely,but it's always better to keep these things away from the baby
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Question: Can i give pacifier to new born 12days old baby?
Answer: no...after 1 month u can...i m also give my son after 1 months...but its not regular habits
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