6 months old baby

Question: Can i give one full smashed banana to my 6 months baby or should i give only half?

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Answer: Start with half a banana, mashed with some breastmilk or formula milk,after a month increase the amount slowly.
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Question: Can I give smashed banana to my 5+ months old baby?
Answer: Have you started giving other semi-solids or you will be starting with banana? Please check if baby if reqdy for semi solids, able to sit unsupported for few minutes, lost tongue thrust reflex and is interested in the food. Or wait to complete 6 months, check with your doctor. Assuming all this is okay you can mash banana and give.
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Question: Can I give one full banana and 1 full apple to a 7 months old baby
Answer: hi. If your baby eats you can give. Make. Sure you boil and peel the apple before giving it to the baby so that no price gets stuck in the throat
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Question: Can I give smashed banana to my baby
Answer: Hi sis. You'll have to start solids only after 6 months. Till then Breastmillk or formula milk would be sufficient. Take care.
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