11 months old baby

Question: Can i give oatmeal to baby!?

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Answer: Yes you can make baby feed the oatmeal.. Try by taking a little quantity and cook the oats in milk. If the digestion of the baby is good then u can increase the quantity. You can add banana, apple pieces to make the oats porridge sweet.
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Question: Can I give oatmeal of my 7 months old baby??
Answer: Hello dear, yes you can give oatmeal to your baby.. it is one of the most easily digestible foods and your baby will not develop any allergic reaction after eating oats...so it is absolutely safe to be given to a 7 months old baby..
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Question: Can I give oatmeal at dinner to my 11 month baby?
Answer: Hello yes dear you can give oatmeal to your baby but they are many other options which you can try like moong dal chawal Khichdi with lots of vegetable, wheat Daliya with lots of vegetable, vegetable Upma, roti and milk. A little heavy dinner will keep your baby full in the night and he won't wake up in between for frequent feeding take care
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Question: My baby boy is 8 months old..can i give oatmeal to him?
Answer: Yes, you can give.Oats can be steel cut oats or rolled oats available in organic shops. You can boil the oats well added with vegetables like carrot , potato too like a porridge...oats can be given occasionally not frequent though.
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