4 months old baby

Question: Can i give her orange or such fruits at this week?

3 Answers
Answer: Hi dear start with lite fruit which can be easily digestible you may stat with riped banana, steamed apple, dont give orange now because she may catch cold and it is citric . So dont give now you may start at 6 mon5h but gradually start with apple banana
Answer: No... She is too small may be 4 months.. u can start after 6 months
Answer: No...after 6 months u can start feeding little bit..
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Question: Can I give her orange juce?
Answer: Hi dear, Avoid giving anything other than milk ,not even water,till she is 6 months old.their digestive system is still developing,early introducing solids could put lot of strain on their digestive system.baby could.end up having loosemotions or vomiting.so please wait for another month.whenever you offer juices,you should always dilute it with filtered water and offer.as citrus fruits acidity,could damage the stomach lining.
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Question: Can i eat vitamin c fruits like orange or pineapple
Answer: Oranges are good but pineapple is not advisable in the early months. Other vitamin c sources like lemon, tomato, amla, Mozambique can be taken
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Question: I give baby orange..grape ....which fruits i give ?
Answer: Hi. Its better to avoid citrus fruit for babies. As it can cause rashesh in babies. Specially if baby wears diaper .
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