9 months old baby

Question: Can i give 3ml p125 drops to my 8 m baby wen body temperature is 99.9

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Answer: Noo.. if a fever upon 100 ho tabhi dena he fever ki dawai..otherwise his/her body wil become cold..
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Question: My baby head is too warm.. she has 101 fever.. I gave p125 drops.. then body bcame cold.. head still warm.. she has cold also.. plz and me.. what should I do.. and is it safe to give p125..?
Answer: Don't put more cloths on ur baby's body ,my baby have head hot body normal I asked some of my friends they told it's normal so u don't worry don't gv any medicins without doctor consulation
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Question: My body temperature is 99.9 should I feed my milk to baby?
Answer: hi , temperature of 99.9 is fine , dont worry . Also even if you are in fever you can still feed the baby and thats perfectly fine.. i remember doing this myself.
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Question: Hi everyone. My baby is 23 days old. My body temperature is 99.9 F .Can i breast feed her?
Answer: You can breastfeed however consult your doctor for examination and treatment.
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