7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat mutton now?

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Answer: Sure dear... but avoid eating too much of mutton as it is red meat and contains high levels of vitamin A which can be harmful to your growing baby when eaten in large quantities..
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Question: Can I eat mutton..?
Answer: Yes there is no problem in eating mutton. Mutton leg soup is very good for our strength... Mutton Liver is also very healthy to eat... Avoid eating the fat in mutton.
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Question: Can I eat mutton and mutton liver
Answer: Hi. Yes mutton are good source pf protein whcih is good for you. But make sure that iys home cooked and also cooked well it should not be raw at all. As it can be harmfull for baby.
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Question: Can I eat mutton
Answer: Hi as nonveg consist of listeria and it may cause problems in pregnancy or may cause stomach infection so it is better to avoid eating nonveg during pregnancy. Take care
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