25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat jack fruit?

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Answer: There is nn need to avoid eating jack fruit during pregnancy as it provides energy vitamins, minerals and fibre. Jack fruits should me consumed in moderation. Too much of eating jack fruit can upset tummy and make sugar levels high so do not over eat jack fruit.
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Question: Can I eat Jack fruit?
Answer: No.. it produces heat in your body.. it may cause abortion.. so plz be careful dear.. Plz like my comment if u feel its helpful ☺
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Question: Can I eat jack fruit
Answer: you should avoid eating jackfruit during pregnancy..it produces heat..might be harmful.
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Question: can I eat jack fruit
Answer: Yes you can have jack fruit. But don't have too much. Have them in moderate quantity. Some benefits of having jack fruit is: 1. It helps you control or regulate your hormones. 2. Jackfruit enhances your immunity and protects you from common diseases. 3. Jackfruit controls your stress levels during pregnancy and even while you are lactating. 4. Jackfruits also help improve vitamin A levels, which are crucial for your fetal development, eyesight, and cell multiplication through mitosis. 5. Jackfruit is low in saturated fat contents. 6. It can provide as much as 11% of total fiber content required in a day.
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