15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat imli? How much can i eat? I crave for it whole day

2 Answers
Answer: no avoid eating Imli as it reduces the hb and blood count... please avoid it completely you can take only only in cooked Imli dishes dt also in very little quantity .. you can try for dry amla which is dried in honey and it is a healthier version of Tangi imli.. you can replace your Imli cravings with dry amla as both taste almost similar .. you can also add Amla to your diet so that your iron content is grasped from the foods you eat .... avoid Imli it is definitely nowhere nutritional or healthy to you
Answer: No. Please avoid it as it ll reduce ur blood count.
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Answer: Hi,yes you can eat.but restrict yourself to Ince a while as it has preservatives which is not healthy. Take care
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Question: Can i eat imli??
Answer: Hello! yes you can eat in small amount..dont take in excessive amount.
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