12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat dhokla??

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Answer: Hllo dear u r 12 weeks pregnant dear u can take dhokla its safe dear but Try to take homemade dhokla .nd make dhokla from sooji .as sooji s light nd healthy it can digest it easily instead of besan .as pregnant women s digestive system s weak she cannot digest any thing heavy so dear try to take any thing in limited quantity .try it dear
Answer: Yes dear, prefer to home made and outside dhokla you can enjoy sometimes.
Answer: Hello, yes you can eat Dhokla.
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Question: can I eat dhokla and haandwa?
Answer: helo.. dear many congratulations.. pregnancy is full of carvings... to ease your carving you can have dhokla and handwaa.. but anything eating too much is avoided in pregnancy.. happy pregnancy.
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Question: Can I eat dhokla?
Answer: Yes, you can have dhokla. Any food prepared at home is fine but there are few exceptions which you need to maintain.
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Question: can i eat dhokla ?
Answer: Hello! Yes you can have dhokla made at home Try to avoid eno and get it fermented the normal way.
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