17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat coconut in whole pregnancy?

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Answer: Yes dear, Coconut oil or coconut also helps relieve morning sickness, heartburn and constipation . And for those of you planning to breast feed, coconut oil or coconut is high in lauric acid, which is supposed to stimulate milk production during pregnancy and after birth. You must take in your diet.
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Question: Can coconut safe to eat in pregnancy ??
Answer: Yes it's very safe and coconut water is also good for the health of the mother and baby.
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Question: now I'm in 5th pregnancy can I eat coconut
Answer: Coconut in any form such as solid form , coconut oil, tender coconut, ripe coconut, coconut water, etc are all very beneficial to be had during pregnancy. Coconut can be safely consumed during the 9 months of pregnancy. A coconut is rich in essential nutrients that are most needed during pregnancy. It keeps the mother and baby in good health. The essential fatty acids present in coconut oil help in the proper development of the baby and its growth.
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Question: Can i eat coconut in pregnancy
Answer: Because sm persons says it has heat so we don't HV to eat coconut please suggest me
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