6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i eat black dry grapes and black dates??

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Answer: Hey dear, don't eat dried black grapes & raisins in pregnancy dear. It's not safe, my Dr of specifically told me not to had these in my diet during my pregnancy. It can cause stomach discomfort and other complications that's why for safer side it's better to avoid. Hope it helps 🙂.
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Question: can i eat black grapes and drink black grapes juice
Answer: Hi dear. yes dear you can drink it it has lots of iron so will help you a lot but keep in mind that during pregnancy anything should not be eaten in excess and should also not be eaten on a daily basis so you should keep changing your food and also uses and also eat everything in moderation only.
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Question: Good evening madam can I eat black dates and black dry grapes that is good for health
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can have dates, but in moderate quantity because it reproduces heat.. However, avoid having grapes.. The main reason is the high amounts of a resveratrol present in grapes. Acidity becomes common along with nausea and vomiting for pregnant women if she eats too many of it. It might lead to loose motions as well.
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Question: Can pregnant ladies eat black dry grapes??
Answer: No dear, dont eat. During my pregnancy I also used to eat dates and black raisins but frequently suffering from stomach discomfort then my doctor suggest to avoid these during pregnancy. But you can eat a handful of nuts in your pregnancy as it considered very much Healthy. Hope it will help.
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