10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i drive two wheeler in pregnancy?

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Answer: Hi dear, I won't suggest you to risk yourself at this stage of pregnancy.two wheeler rides are often risky and lead to accidental falls.bumpy rides could even lead to spotting and cramps.
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Question: Can i drive two wheeler in my pregnancy?
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy . It is best to avoid traveling in a two wheeler during your pregnancy, especially in the first and third trimesters. Two-wheelers, as such are not the culprits. But the crazy traffic on our roads, combined with the sad condition of the roads with multiple potholes, ensures that you are in for a very bumpy ride. there will be more of risk to fall in bumpy road as well u need to maintain a proper balance. So personally I will advise to avoid two wheeler ride. All the best .
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Question: Can i drive two wheeler in my 13 weeks pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear, A bike could physically cause any damage during pregnancy. However, many doctors advise you to exercise caution, especially after the second trimester. Thetwo main hazards of being on the road are unruly traffic and bumpy roads. You are exposed to both of these much more when travelling by a two or three wheeler, than you would be in a car, bus, train or metro. Anotherpoint to consider is that two or three wheelers don't have seat belts or air bags that help lessen the impact if there is an accident or fall. Butin my case, I traveled on bike and didn't get any issue. Hopeit helped Take care urself...
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Question: can i drive two wheeler in 8months
Answer: Better to avoid driving two wheeler as far as possible in third trimester. If its a compulsion then you can...make sure you are comfortable and had a smooth pregnancy so far... Take precautions while driving avoid driving fast...do not drive on damp and bumpy roads.
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