7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i do masturbate during pregnancy .. But i had spoting for 6 days..

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Answer: hi dear! so bleeding or spotting is not good in the pregnancy dear. so you will need to take duphaston or susten as thee are progesterone tablets . sometimes when the levels of progesterone goes down that is when you experience bleeding or spotting dear. so do visit your doctor dear. for the tablets dear. take care.
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Question: Can i masturbate during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes, masturbation is fine and even sex is safe during pregnancy,unless you have any complications.
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Question: Can we do masturbate during 6 month pregnant
Answer: If you don't have any complications with pregnancy then you can masturbate. Due to increase hormones in your body it's natural to feel sexually aroused during pregnancy, you can easily satiate your feelings by having sex or by masturbating depending on your situation. But if there is any kind of health or medical complications involved then it's best to consult with your doctor before progressing ahead. Stay blessed!
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Question: Can we masturbate during pregnancy??
Answer: Hi dear, female orgasm in pregnancy is strictly not recommended. It increases irregular muscle contraction and can cause preterm delivery in advance weeks of pregnancy and even miscarriage in early weeks of pregnancy. If you are involving in sex during pregnancy then also avoid orgasm.
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