32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can i apply Vaseline on belly to stop itching?

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Answer: Best to apply coconut oil it will give you more relief during pregnancy.
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Question: I'm having itching on my belly, can I apply dermi cool powder on it??? Pls suggest.
Answer: I also had itching problem. I started applying little coconut oil just after shower when the skin is little wet. It helped me a lot to prevent itching. U can apply it wherever u feel your skin is dry or unmoisturised.
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Question: Itching on belly.....any suggestions what to apply
Answer: Hi Dear! Pls dont itch, keep applying coconut oil and moisturizing lotion, keep the area moisturized always, wear cotton clothes to feel airy, drink water, fresh juices etc. Hope this helps!
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Question: What should I apply to stop itching
Answer: Hi dear, during pregnancy as the blood flow increases & hormonal changes occure it can cause itching. Dont scratch over your body. Apply moisturising cream / oil to sooth Aloevera gel us good to apply. Applying fresh milk cream with turmeric is also effective. Dont use soap & hot water during bath. As it can cause dryness of dkin & increased itching. After bath dont rub your skin, only patdry. This is one of commonest problem of pregnancy & will goes away by it self post pregnancy. Take care.
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