22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can baby hear us in 22nd week

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Answer: hi yes the baby will start hearing your your your sound music around everything the baby can hear the baby can also hear your voice at this stage
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Question: When baby can hear us in womb
Answer: Hi dear, from 5th month onwards your baby can feel vibrations of sounds & from 8 month onwards can hear & recognize familiar sound. but that doesn't mean you will expose you womb too loud sounds. I hope I meet your query, take care .
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Question: At what week baby can hear us
Answer: Heyy congrats Yaar on your pregnancy 😃..as far as I know it is from 15 weeks baby's ear starts forming and by 26 weeks thy start to hear things outside womb too.😃
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Question: When baby can hear us
Answer: Congratulations on pregnancy. Baby develop the hearing around 24 weeks so still there is time. :)
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