1 months old baby

Question: Can anyone tel me what is the meaning of colic and home remedies for that

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Answer: Hello dear.. Colic is actually gas stuck in the stomach and causing pain... To get relief try to give massage on tummy with oil and hing or do cycling exercise.. Also burp the baby after every feed.. Hope this helps.
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Question: What is the meaning of Albumin trace. What are the causes and home remedies for this?
Answer: Hi mam albumin trace is actually about the salt content in our body to cure does you should drink more water in pass urine frequently only then the issue will be e produced and also we should not add more salt in your food that may also increase the albumin level
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Question: What are the home remedies for colic pain?
Answer: Mix water with mustard oil and stir it untill it gets yellow creamy texture. Then rub slowly with ur hands on the back and tummy of baby
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Question: What is the meaning of colic in babies?
Answer: Main reasons are 1) she is feeling hungry / 2) it is her sleep time/ 3) some gas pain . First of all keep her near you and feed her ....if she calls down then it is due to hunger ....if not make her sleep ....even she doesn't control then it is of some gas pain so give gripe water . So e times even ear pain or some unknown pain like insect bites are reasons . Most probably first of all try to feed her . Then you could conclude the reason
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