7 months old baby

Question: Can anyone plz tel how to give apple to 7 month old child. How it should be preapare

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Answer: Hi dear you cannot provide steamed Apple to the baby you can still the apple in a pressure cooker or in a steamer both are possible and safe if you are supposedly steaming an apple in a pressure cooker please get some water in the pressure cooker put an Empty bowl cut of the fresh apple peel them off and after washing put it in the empty bowl in the pressure cooker close the lid let it cook for 5 minutes and the Apple will be steamed you can just hand match the apple and offered the baby it will be soft enough for the baby to handle ..you can offer any hard fruit in this way to the baby .. Hope this helps!
Answer: Steam skinless apple pieces for around 5 min. Avoid opening the plate multiple times to check whether its cooked. You can use fork to pierce the apple pieces to check whether its done. If you are apple to smoothly pirce through then its done. If you have recently started solids for your baby, try the puree form by blending the stemed apple pieces in a mixer or blender. Maintain thick consistency. Or you can mash it and directly feed.
Answer: You need to peel of the apple cit into small piece and cook the apple in pressure cooker as it should be smooth paste like cerelac u can feed this add some water while cooking . Its good to give baby fruits .helps them to get habit of this .
Answer: U can give apple without steaming. When u steam apple loss its taste. Just cut apples into pieces grind them and u can feed the puree.
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Answer: Hi dear You can give the puree initially. Boil the apple and make the puree. And after the baby is able to chew you can give small pieces. Hope this helps
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Answer: Hi Dear! I wud suggest to offer a small apple but the qty will depend on baby's demand if baby demands more feed else dont force.. Hope this helps!
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Answer: Boil it until it's soft later u can feed it to the baby
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