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Question: Can a women conceive a baby before two days of periods...??? Is it possible

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Answer: Hello! No, once conceived periods will not come. Periods will get missed if you are pregnant. Take care
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Question: Is headache an early sign of pregnancy or it is pms? Two days before periods.
Answer: Hi. we cannot generally say headache as early symptom of pregnancy. that may be various reasons for headache like hormone imbalance , stress, hunger , low salt level of sugar level. be calm and relaxed. if you miss your period this month, go for the home pregnancy test and you can confirm the pregnancy.
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Question: After periods of five days is it possible to concieve a baby
Answer: Hi dear, Conception of baby is only possible if you have egg and sperm.if there is no egg,then sperm cannot fertilize if you have intercourse in absence of ovulation, which usually comes from 10 th day to 16 th day post period ,the possibility of conceiving decreases.
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Question: 1 have a period cycle of 30 days. my periods remain one o two days and the flow is very less. is it normal ? can i conceive ?
Answer: Yes you can . But hv any problem you consult with you r doctor
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