5 months old baby

Question: Can I use mosquito repellent cream on my 5 month old baby ?

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Answer: Hi, you can use but should choose the right one. Some repellents contain lemon or eucalyptus oil and these should not be used. Also you should choose those that are allowed for babies like mamaearth natural mosquito repellent.
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    Pushya Francis116 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: Is it safe to use mosquito repellent gel/cream on my 3 month old baby.
Answer: Hi.. Yes, it is safe to use a mosquito repellent gel for a three month old baby.
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Question: my baby is 2 month old can I use allout or mosquito repellent
Answer: Ya u can use it dear, no issues bt keep away from baby, keep in normal mode
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Question: Best mosquito repellent cream??
Answer: Hi for 17 month old you can use roll on from odomos.
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Question: Can I use mosquito repellent for my baby..
Answer: Dear Mosquito repellent is a big no for babies. It can cause breathing issues to small babies. you may use net around the cradle to protect from mosquitoes
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