3 months old baby

Question: Can I use copper t, is it safe? I'm scared of inserting tht, is thr any other safe methods to avoid pregnancy pls help

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Answer: hi , Copper T is safe however only for those who have small uterus. there are other methods then like ensuring there is condom used by the partner or progestrone pill if the doctor recommends that or contraceptive implant etc.
Answer: Copper t is safe and best for avoid pregnancy long time, I had insert coper t for 6 year no any side effects
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Question: Hi is it safe to inserting copper t for unwanted pregnancies
Answer: Yes it can be used as a contraceptive but has its own side effects.. i had an ectopic pregnancy after 2years of insertion when copper t was stil in there.. it had validity for 3yrs but unfortunately had to go through it .. There is only 1% probability of ectopic pregnancy with copper T though.. it is safe but not 100%
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Question: Doctor suggested copper T as a contraceptive method. Is it safe? Which are the other safe methods after delivery?
Answer: Copper t is safe to prevent unwanted pregnancy. You will have 3 5 10 years family planning. Consult doctor for more details about this. Another safe method is using condom as protection dear. Self control is also good. Do not take pill dear which is not good for your health.
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Question: Is it safe to use Copper T???
Answer: Hello dear. Yes it is. You may feel pain or cramping when the copper t is inserted. Rest and a hot water bottle placed on your abdomen can help relieve the pain. Copper t may cause increased cramping and bleeding for several months after insertion. Take care.
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