37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I eat pineapple now 37 week for me

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Answer: pineapple is also good and has nutrients but since it causes heat it is preferable to avoid pineapple at initial stages of pregnancy .. pineapple can be the best medicine for cold and cough .. it is not a bad fruit at all to be avoided . since you are 36 weeks now you can have pineapple without avoiding completely .. you can have one or two slices of pineapple .. avoid taking too much as it is summer now and it may cause heat and you may get stomach ache .. you can always enjoy your pregnancy cravings without any guilt if you have in less quantity .. happy pregnancy
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Question: Can i eat pineapple?37 weeks now
Answer: yes dear you are in your 37 weeks pineapple gives uterine contractions so at this stage you can have it if your pregnancy does not have complications take care
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Question: Can i eat pineapple?? Am 37 week pregnant..
Answer: Hi dear yes pineapple or very good during pregnancy has it has high vitamins in it but it won't be good for all pregnant ladies when you are body temperature is a hot you should not eat pineapples as it has a high heat causing nature in that when your body temperature is not well in cool yes you can take pineapples as you should take very little amount one or two slices which don't cause any issues so it depends on your body heat temperature
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Question: I m 37 week pregnant so can i eat pineapple.. it is safe for me n my baby or not????
Answer: Dear at this stage yes it is safe. If pineapple is eaten in large quantity ot can cause contraction but if that even happens it is fine with you as youbare nearing you due date anyways. But that happens only if you eat it in large quantity. Hope it helps.
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