23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I eat mango I am 22 week pregnant?

2 Answers
Answer: Hello dear Yes, mangoes are good in pregnancy as mangoes are rich in vitamin A but remember that mangoes are not safe for the women having gestational diabetes. So have mangoes in moderation after consulting ur doctor.
Answer: Yes ofcourse u can eat....
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Question: I am 4 months pregnant, can I eat mango?
Answer: Hi Mangoes, raw or ripe can be consumed during pregnancy and are safe.ripen mangoes stimulate appetite and help in digestion and can help improve complexion.raw mangoes contain vitamins that fight acidity and morning sickness making it completely safe for consumption during pregnancy.but better to have in moderate consumption.take care
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Question: I am 8month pregnant can I eat mango?
Answer: Very little amount not much and stay away from heat items....
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Question: Hi I am 24 week pregnant...Can I eat mango pickle is it safe to eat
Answer: Sure u can take mango pickle its safe but make sure it should be home made nd take in a limited quanity only .try it
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