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Question: Can I eat dairy milk chocolates in 6 weeks?

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Answer: chocolates have caffeine..that is not good in first can take only for taste
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Question: As I'm 6 week pregnant.. can I eat milk chocolates.. like Cadbury dairy milk?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. Chocolate is perfectly safe for most pregnant women—in moderation. In fact, there's some evidence that eating chocolate during pregnancy could lower your risk of high blood pressure. But should not be over eaten as it contains caffeine which is not safe during pregnancy. Take care.
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Question: Can I eat dairy milk chocolates?
Answer: Once in awhile you can eat chocolates but not on regular basis. Instead of milk chocolate you should eat dark chocolate during pregnancy as it considered healthy and good source of iron.
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Question: can I have dairy milk chocolates
Answer: Chocolate is perfectly safe for most pregnant women—in moderation. In fact, there's some evidence that eating chocolate during pregnancy could lower your risk of preeclampsia (miscarriage) But you don't want to overdo it for two reasons. Number one is that eating lots of chocolate will make you less hungry for other healthy foods you need for a balanced diet. Chocolate also tends to be high in calories and can contribute to an unhealthy weight gain. The second reason is that chocolate contains caffeine.
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