2 months old baby

Question: Can I drink warm water with honey nd few lemin drops for weight loss? It will effect to baby or not? If anyone is using this remedy then plz guide

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Answer: Hi dear..the weight you have gained during delivery will be reduced mostly by breastfeeding itself..you have to wait for sometime,till your baby cross 1year of age..after that also you didint notice weight loss means you can go for other options..because honey and lemon are not advisable for a feeding mother since it can affect your baby's tummy and body..honey is usually suggested to give after 1year..if you want you can do mild yogas and exercises along with walking and mild cardios..for dietary alterations and honey,lemon you have wait for 1year..take care and decide good.
Answer: Hello, it's better to avoid any citric kind of foods during breastfeeding. during breastfeeding also you will lose a lot of weight. as you baby small please don't do any kind of diets as it might affect your milk supply. you can do some exercises , yoga and brisk walk which will help you in weight loss.
Answer: Hi, please wait for few more months until u start solid food for baby
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Question: Can i try to loss weight..wil it effect my baby? Can i drink hot water with lemon n honey early mrng empty stomach?..ans pls
Answer: Hi dear. Why would you want to lose weight, when you are pregnant. You need to gain upto 10 kg during your pregnancy. Losing weight will definitely affect the baby. Eat well. And don't worry about your figure for few months. You will have a healthy baby on your hand and then you can get back to your figure. I gained 12 kg during pregnancy. But now am back to size 0. Achieved this only by breastfeeding.
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Question: i am a breastfeeding mom, can i drink lukewarm lemon water with honey for my weight loss??
Answer: No don't do anything for weight loss if u r breastfeeding mom coz it will affect on ur bm
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Question: Can we drink lemon with honey in the hot water for weight loss during bresat feeding.
Answer: Yes dear, its really helpful so you can drink it..
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