Few weeks old baby

Question: Can I do threading post delivery... I mean within 15 days from delivery

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Answer: Hello! Threading can be done. There is no problem in that. Infact it is considered the safest mode of removing excess hair. Take care
Answer: Yes, there's no harm with threading, as it's not related to your delivery in any way.
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Question: Can we do waxing of hair within 15 days post C section delivery ?
Answer: Hi dear yes you can go ahead for waxing within 15 days of your post C section delivery there is no problem in it that is entirely depends on your comfort because I am sure your incision is still paining and hurting and you are unable to sit for a quite long time so it depends according to your comfort.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can we do threading within 15 days from delivery
Answer: Hi! there is no problem if you want to go for eyebrow threading after 15 days of your delivery it is even safe within your pregnancy period .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Post delivery I had my periods within 40 days.. Is It possible
Answer: in spite of breastfeeding some moms get their periods immediately in the next month... your period may not be regular every month because of the hormonal changes due to lactation ..but if your period is regular and with regular days of bleeding then no issues at all . But if your bleeding is heavy and prolongs more than 10 to 15 days then you may consult your doctor once ... don't worry if your period is regular or irregular ..but you must consult ur Doctor only if you have continuous heavy bleeding for more than 10 days ..
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